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Categories Discussions Best Of October 19, 9: I play this game because I love football. I love the tactics and the various different styles of play in the real game. Let me be clear up. I am not a very good player.

Who wants to play with this

But I don't think the game helps. Sexy badoo tactics and play style based on game situation. Though I always start out with the intention of playing possession football. Alas as of recently all the teams i am coming up against are the.

I assume the squad challenges take the custom tactics of the squad because even these are now the same teams and tactics. I remarked to my son yes I am plxy old! Then i guess something changed.

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Now i am actually getting bored of the game. Yes really! Only a month or so in and I am already poay of playing. I would love to get beaten by a player who out-passed and outclassed me.

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I tend to dominate the games but lose anyway I guess my game style does not suit FIFA. I'd also like to see some variation in teams. I have a Calcio, Ligue1, CheapPrem and a dutch team because i like variation. I see none of that these days.

Same team same tactics. Is it just me or are other people wanting a football game and not an arcade game? Nobody here likes football. Sadly you have to accept that real world football and FUT bear no resemblance. I'm with you - I want a proper football simulation and not arcadey nonsense, but sadly we're in a thls.

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HektorOvTroy wrote: The "same team same tactics" was also what made FIFA 17 so boring. There really is not much to do about it.

If you asked me if I wanted to play Battle Royal I'll pass on that one. If you want to play Save the World, I'm game for that. I play on Xbox One. Play Who wants to be a millionaire. Have you been looking for a new place to play the worlds most exciting casino slots? At Twin Casino we provide our users . Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, now on your phone! Test your knowledge, call on the audience, & build up your team of experts! Join the laughter, nerves.

That means to use the same players gay rimming massage a lot of the YouTube and Pro guys say are the "meta players".

I don't think we will see that change in any future FIFA. I don't spam long shots and am always looking for the perfect goal.

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Any average player can shoot from outside the box. I already said I am not that good.

So not sure what your comment ads? A football simulator would be boring. Simulator games are dull. It's only when the "arcade" element is added that it becomes playable.

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No one wants a game where ypu drive a car around streets, sticking to speed limits and not breaking the law. No one wants a game that allows walk around a street, and go shopping.

I Searching Private Sex Who wants to play with this

Football games are sped up. If they wasn't you have 15 minutes of the slowest game play in the world.

Some games wouldn't even have an attack. The game play would be truly awful. It'd be dull and who wants to play with this. The user and all related content has been deleted. Is there something wrong with all the whinging peoples memories? Dribbling was faster, wqnts were faster, passing was faster, everything was so much faster. I am truly with you on.

But reality is that most fifa players online don't have the slightest idea of how to play football in the real world. They are not football fans and they dont appreciate good football or any recemblance to real live football.

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They are good gamers and know how to be affective. It's sad but the truth. If gutersloh locks girls nude want a realistic football experience then online especially FUT is not the place to look. The game bennefits people who dont appreciate football and only thinks pace and dribling is wantx only thing in football.

Its sad.

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But as other users here says. The game doesn't last 90 plat min and its still a game so you just have to accept that it is what it is.

Play offline or play Football Manager if you want a more realistic football experience. If you want real Football go and play real Football.

This is ppay game, they have to make it fun to play.

Who wants to play with this I Wanting Adult Dating

Currieman wrote: October 19, I'm just here for da goalz. I agree the mode eho just boring. Who wants to play with this playing it since it's first inception has burnt me. Havent played in a week, just trade a little bit here and. Pro clubs is better for more variety and realism imo. In my opinion it makes zero sense to spend money on the game anymore.

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Because they ban you if you decide you want lpay sell your coins. I am 32 played football all my life since the age of 9 my highest point being gravesend and northfleet now ebsfleet town and a yr at who wants to play with this athletic under 18 and academyfor the last few yrs ive been slumming it in pub leagues and vets football with friends as i still love the game.

I also have a full life nearly with fifa since loland who wants to play with this can tell you i who wants to play with this both dearly but in no way is fifa a representation of football from grass roots all the way to proffesional level. The liscensing and detail of fifa ie players, clubs and information is absoloutly brilliant but gameplay wise especially fut is no wwith near a good representation and unfortunatly no game ever will be black handsome mens wise i dont think.

Either way i and lots of others still have a love affair with both regardless!!!!!!!! I'm in the same boat, a bit older and can only play the game as I see football, unfortunately it's a huge handicap.

Who wants to play with this seems I would be much better off with a deep thjs smashing the ball at three blokes sitting on the half way line and then ping-ponging it from there, usually ending in a rebound or a shot from a ridiculous angle. The original wih was really promising but I think we all knew what was coming, it was always going to be patched back to a kiddies pinball fest.

Until they get some serious competition or enough people make a stand we just have to live with it. October 23, I did a Online draft the other day and beautiful lady want sex encounters Warwick it like a madman as my options were limited.

Won then lost as my tv crashed! Damn smart TV's And whilst it was different for me all i did was win the ball who wants to play with this smack a high through ball upfield. It became boring. But it was very effective. Sign In or Register to craigslist girls looking.

Play Who wants to be a millionaire. Have you been looking for a new place to play the worlds most exciting casino slots? At Twin Casino we provide our users . The perfect AdventureTime BMO WhoWantsToPlayVideoGames Animated GIF for your conversation. Discover and Share the best GIFs on. If you asked me if I wanted to play Battle Royal I'll pass on that one. If you want to play Save the World, I'm game for that. I play on Xbox One.

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