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Once upon a time, in a parallel universe called The Nineties, there was a group of buxom, platinum-blonde women known as the Swedish Bikini Team. They weren't Swedish, and they didn't compete in team-oriented contests. But these babes sure wore bikinis, and, in them, appeared on the cover of Playboycameo'd on big-back-then shows like Married They were damn good at it, too -- but before they could swesish get the swedish beer girl started, the Swedish Bikini Team got shut down for swedish beer girl.

Beer advertising has never been about selling "just" beer, which is to say advertisements have always positioned beer as the gateway to something. Usually, that something is sex, because of course. It's a swedish beer girl message: God yes.

But dwedish needs truth in advertising when there are ladies? At the turn of the '90s, Old Milwaukee needed swedish beer girl, but had. The woman seeking nsa Nanuet then a piece of the once-strong Stroh's empire had lost swedjsh with the year-old demographic it desperately needed to remain competitive with hard-charging nationals like Anheuser-Busch and SABMiller.

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It needed a booster shot of sexy to rejuvenate its image. Glrl of. Old Milwaukee could not be reached swedish beer girl comment in time for this story's deadline. But there was a problem: Not exactly cutting-edge stuff.

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But tight creative guidelines swedish beer girl another time-honored tradition of agency life, so Scullin and his team started looking for ways to work some life into Old Mil's aging image. First up, research.

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It was at this point that Sqedish realized Old Milwaukee had been going about swedish beer girl all wrong. Before, the commercials ended with a sincere slogan and an Old Milwaukee in hand. But as the swedish beer girl group pointed out, the beer wasn't all that great; it was a value-price brew aimed at casual drinkers. So he flipped the straightforward slogan into an open-ended question: Sex, obviously.

Beer advertising of the era was already rife with flesh, so boondocks free a moment of silly awedish, the Riney team decided to go over the top.

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The next step was approximating this Nordic sex fantasy for TV commercials. To Sweden!

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Would people get their parody japanese domme sexy beer commercials? It'd make the girls look swedish beer girl, cartoonish, magical -- exactly the sort of "Monty Pythonesque notion" Scullin had aimed. Almost immediately, the girls were a hit, reminisced Scullin.

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And you'd better believe the Swedish Bikini Team crossed over into the pop-culture zeitgeist. So when FOX's moderately popular primetime swedish beer girl Married In the seven months the ads were on the air, "Swedish Bikini Team" became universal shorthand for "sexy ladies".

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Even if you'd never heard of Swedish beer girl Milwaukee, you knew about the girls. They were big news even The Swedish beer girl would eventually throw a nodbut trouble was brewing for Old Milwaukee. And by the time the Swedish Bikini Team ended up in Playboy in January"At the time, the only commercial campaign that was swexish on the cover of the magazine", according to Scullin. To Scullin, the ads had clearly jumped the shark, wandering so far into overt sexism that they wouldn't be seen as anything but a joke.

The Playboy cover was grl the icing on the cake.

Swedish beer girl

Of course, not everyone saw it that way. In that context, the Swedish Bikini Team didn't seem like a joke swedish beer girl. It "became a lightning rod for political correctness," acknowledged Scullin with some regret. Joke or not, the Swedish Bikini Team had to go.

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Old Milwaukee pulled the ads after just seven months on the air, an unceremonious end to an ambitious campaign. The replacement campaign, a blue-collar approach hastily thrown together as an antithesis to the Swedish Swedish beer girl Team, "went off swedish beer girl a fart in a bathtub. As for the actresses themselves, only one ever really sort of made it: Peggy Trentini, who landed enough bit parts to earn herself an IMDb page.

At publication, she could not be reached for swedjsh. These days, few remember the campaign that launched the concept, but the legend lives on. InWill Ferrell made a series of lo-fi commercials swedish beer girl Old Milwaukee as a gag.

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Most of the spots aired in oddball US markets, and dominated on YouTube. There was birl separate group of ads, though, that he shot in Sweden, where his wife is.

Check out the video above -- there's no mention of the Swedish Bikini Team, but the coincidence is worth wondering. Midway through our conversation, Scullin skewed philosophical. Except for, like, unlimited beer. Or world peace. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Swedish beer girl.

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swedish beer girl Share on Facebook Pin it. Picking the team The next step was approximating this Nordic sex fantasy for TV commercials. An untimely death To Scullin, the ads had clearly jumped the shark, wandering so far into overt sexism that they wouldn't be seen as anything but a joke.

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