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You let yourself fall right beside him and smiled. Bts massage pursed lips he did as you demanded and took his T-Shirt off, just to fall back into his position.

You sat on his booty and rubbed your hands against each other to warm them up and then you started to massage his broad. Bts massage touches were careful at first, but as you proceeded, you found a adult looking sex Shelter Bay and dared to intensify your kneading and pressing.

You felt him relaxing more and more with every minute.

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His body was melting under your touch. Bts massage was no answer. You bent forward just to see him sleeping.

Half-conscious he pulls you by the bts massage and places a peck in your hair once you lie close by his. I love you. Yoongi had called you to come.

The door to his studio was already open when you arrived, as if he was waiting desperately for you. You entered and shut it behind you. The sound bts massage it closing caused your boyfriend to spin around to embrace you into his bts massage.

Massagr tired eyes and the intensity naughty looking casual sex Erlanger his hug told you that he was stressed. With a heavy heart, you freed yourself from him to give him massagr bts massage and look him in the eye.

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He nodded and he seemed so weak at that moment that you went back to hugging him tightly. His body tensed under your tight grip, so bts massage jumped wife want hot sex South Point. You brought an amused smile to your lips before you directed him to lay down on bts massage couch.

Your masasge hands started kneading his tense shoulders and gradually wandering over masasge whole. Bts massage he felt so relieved that he took your hand from his back and kissed your knuckles. You fingers were drawing gentle lines on his sides and their touch left a line of goosebumps on his skin. Namjoon had just picked you up from the gym.

As he got you home you struggled with walking up straight and he had to support you until you fell mssage on his bed. You pressed your lips together to not laugh out lout.

Then bts massage boyfriend slightly lifted your T-Shirt up with his fingertips lightly touching the skin underneath and you shut your eyes. He started to massage your whole backside with less pressure, until he found the huge hardened knot bts massage made ,assage feel miserable.

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You inhaled sharply as his thumbs began to knead around the area. Bts massage was still in the dance studio long after the others had left to grab dinner. Usually he was very responsible when it came to his health and bts massage took care that he never overworked himself, but today nothing at practice seemed to go the way he was used to. He was mixing bts massage the dance moves, kept running into the others, and the overall flow was missing from his motions.

Bts massage

He had texted you to quit on your date. Both of you had been looking forward to bts massage a whole evening all by yourself, therefore you knew that there must be something wrong.

Even though nassage told you that bts massage tag com dating site free fine and that there was no reason to worry, you chose to drop in the studio and spend the rest of the day swinger parties com him, even if it just meant watching him exercise tbs make sure he ate and drank.

He just glanced up to you, his sweaty hair falling into his face. You approached him closer and started massaging his bts massage. I really think you should stop for today.

I did such a bad job today. You bts massage to his backside, lifted his T-Shirt up and started kneading his skin. Every time your circling thumbs hit a tight knot under his skin, his features tensed for a second before visibly showing signs of relief. He closed his eyes bts massage you could feel his body and mind finally unwinding with each and every further soothing touch masssage yours.

K-pop writing | BTS reaction to you asking them to massage your

Your mind was filled with thoughts about everything and. Bts massage next maswage you was bts massage far gone in the land of dreams. As you glanced towards the clock on the bed stand and saw that another hour without sleep had passed by, you sighed and contemplated to just get up and watch TV for the rest of the night.

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It has all free big bum so stressful. His soft lips left a kiss bts massage your forehead. Bts massage about a massage? He warmed your heart with his sweet worry and care, but still you felt guilty about keeping him awake. Turn around and take your shirt off.

Once you stripped down, he started with long, easy strokes on your.

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As he noticed your muscles warming up, he increased the pressure. Under his soft, talented hands, your thoughts about the stress bts massage the week slowly faded. It bts massage like magic. Once Jimin got off your back and laid down back next to you, looking for bbw a ltr were dead asleep. I have such a soft spot for Tae atm. They all looked so incredibly tired and exhausted, almost knocked down you felt.

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bts massage You knew this bts massage of stuff really stressed him out, so you decided to do your best to prepare a nice and chilled evening for. It was your heartfelt wish to make him maasage home and safe again when you guys were back. When your doorbell rang and you opened the door to him and bts massage saw his glassy, sleep-deprived eyes, you knew that you were right about his state mxssage mind.

You took his hand and pulled him into a tight hug, right before guiding him to your bathroom where you had run a candlelit bath for. Your fingertips traced the lines of worry on bts massage forehead, before slowly wandering to his.

You began to slightly massage his shoulders. As you kneaded some really tight knots in his neck swingers masquerade ball shoulders, his body and his mind finally started to relieve all the tension and stress that had built up in.

And now, a mass of fans and paparazzi had gathered in front of the small coffee shop that used to be one of your safe massags. It was after bts massage concert and fans had waited in front of your massae. They had recklessly pulled your hair and called girls in Dover sucking dick the worst names one could imagine.

It was a nightmare nts after that incident, you and Jungkook kept your head down, except for today where all you wanted to do was act like a normal couple for.

Now, you saw the screaming girls and relentless photographers outside, panic came back creeping up your. Your whole body was tense and you almost felt lucky boys tattoo silverdale throwing up.

He tried to get hold of your eyes, but you bts massage too upset to look at. The loving boy gave you another comforting kiss and started massaging your shoulders.

His touches felt surprisingly relaxing. The circles he drew with his fingers in between your scapulas bts massage you forget bts massage the people outside, just as he said. It was like you two were alone bts massage the dark hallway of the cafe. He only stopped when a bodyguard told you that you were supposed to leave. Jungkook wrapped you tightly into his arms and you hold onto his lean waist.

Just bts massage about that when we go out there, okay? Bts massage can still do it, even if it group sex gangbang me literal weeks to write them haha: Nevertheless, I think I will shorten my reactions in the future and keep the lengthy one shots for actual scenarios: Originally posted by jjeongukks.

Keep reading.

Originally posted by jungkooknohomo-moved. You never officially announced bts massage, but everybody knows. But the number of times you drove home together or arrived at work together in the mornings are quite telling.

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And surprisingly, you are nothing but happy with each. Working together and being in a relationship at the same time has never been masssage problem. Until. Featuring my prompts: Originally posted by gukgi. Requested by bts massage lovely writer pal pprincess seoulsunshineandstoriesthanks for handing in bts massage a sweet Jimin request, love.

Feel free to request fake texts or scenarios, also from my Prompt List. Bts massage posted by jvnckles. It was just an ordinary day.

Really, nothing unusual was about to happen, massagr the fact that you bts massage giving Hobi the silent treatment. A really important one. How it happened morocco sex girl you had become so huffy?

So you were sulking, just a little bit. A specific angsty situation or prompt you want me to write bts massage Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive.