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Average looking 40 year old man Searching Man

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Average looking 40 year old man

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I like to cook, sleep, play music, appreciate the little things, laugh about the strange stuff, bar hop, or just stay in with some and a snack.

Name: Ricky
Age: 52
City: Melbourne
Hair: Silver
Relation Type: Two H Safe Fun With A Yng College Female No Sex
Seeking: I Am Searching Sex
Relationship Status: Not married

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It's Metafilter's 20th anniversary!

Search People To Fuck Average looking 40 year old man

To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! What does a fit year-old normal guy look like with his shirt off? August 26, 4: I'm looking for photos and names of tall i. Images of most professional athletes, like Laird Hamilton, aren't terribly useful, because their bodies are often not reasonable for workaday slubs to aspire to, at least not in the short term. Same for guys like Hugh Jackman whose physique is part of his calling card and the result of intense personal training beyond the reach average looking 40 year old man mere civilians.

George Clooney might fit the bill, but I can find singles events ontario the one image via Google, and it's just plain goofy.

I don't have a picture, but I do have an idea. I would imagine that shirtless pictures of movie stars from average looking 40 year old man s or so would fit the. Physical fitness avergae the contemporary sense involving dedicated trainers, special diets. More specifically a star such as Lee Marvin comes to mind. Vincent Cassell. Excellent topic. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I aferage a photo of Matt Lauer in swim trunks.

And he was 50 when that was taken. Here are some more of Clooney, taken a couple of weeks ago.

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This guy because we are obliged to keep posting about him every day this week. This guy is Let's keep it to 40s.

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Answers 4 great so far! Well, a particular opera singer my wife finds to be compelling looks like thisthisand. He's not quite 40, slutty indian girls will be in two years. I'm not feeling quite intimated, yet, but I've got a couple of years until 40 as.

Or intimidated, but you know, your mileage will vary.

This comes to mind posted by purpletangerine at 6: You could yesr out bigmuscle. Don't let the name mislead you. Yes there are professional body builders that have gone to the extreme, but it has more pictures of vain, fit, shirtless men than you can shake a stick at.

Use the search profiles yesr, I am sure you will find what you are looking. The average age is Actually, if you are talking about reasonably, average-guy kind of fit not average looking 40 year old man fitthen Barack Obama comes make yourself horney mind for me.

Although he's 46, right? But he is 6'1".

60 Top 40 Year Old Male Face Pictures, Photos, & Images - Getty Images

I just saw Obama up there. Let me see who else I can think of Matthew Fox from Lost Dr. Jack Shepard. He's I don't know if he's out of the regular guy category, what is a fedora guy he did get a little more regular-guy looking in the last season that is to say, less buff.

As tempted as I am to provide the fourth mention or link to Obama in this thread, I'll just point out that Sean Connery was 44 maybe 43 when this picture was taken. Ma not every guy who can rock this look. And according to IMDB, he turned average looking 40 year old man yesterday. Happy birthday, Lloking Those Clooney shots iconomy posted look pretty reasonable too, I'd say.

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The Matthew Fox pics, not so. I am having fun with this!

Here is one of Sean Connery circa He's like Does this help? I'm not going to go searching for pics of shirtless men while I'm at work, but the host of Dirty Jobs on Discovery, Mike Rowe, is in his mid's and in reasonable but not movie-star shape, and appears shirtless once in a.

It makes me feel not average looking 40 year old man bad about my few extra kilos, because I have a similar build, and we look relatively similar shirtless, even if I'm not quite as craggy-handsome.

Maudlin, I was so worried that that would be wife looking hot sex SC Seneca 29678 link to something Zardoz-related, and yet I clicked on it.

Average looking 40 year old man I Am Look People To Fuck

Serves me right. I'm not going to go searching for pics of shirtless men while I'm at work, but the host of Dirty Jobs on Discovery, Mike Rowe, is in his mid's Such a good suggestion that I'll do the dirty work for you on this one.

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Here are a couple of shots. Dermot Mulroney? I'm in my mid's and I aspire to look like Mike Rowe. Average looking 40 year old man. Great answers, thanks to all! The shots of Clooney were helpful, but the best advice was to expand the search to include older photographs, and that squarehippies.

Although I think he will always have aveage guns than me.

The shots of Obama are useful, too, because clearly, he's been a busy guy over the past year or two. I run across many sorts of people in that averrage range all day average looking 40 year old man and, well, most of them have a small belly, if not.

The examples we're offering here, while not movie star quality, still need to keep fit to a large degree. I mean, do you want the average?

Or do you want people yeear relative fitness and attractiveness are a ysar part of their jobs? I think the dispatcher for a HVAC repair outfit, who works nine hours at a desk all day, has two average looking 40 year old man with lots of extracurricular activites, and has a bit of trouble getting to the gym more than three days a week The question as asked was not about 'the average'. So, maybe we can spin on the word "reasonably? Is Mike Rowe reasonably fit?

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Averave my job required me to maintain a level of fit-ness -- one that require special diets and a lot more time in the gym -- a level that's not at all average, doesn't it become less reasonable msn the HVAC guy?

This is dangerously close to OT, so I am going to stop. Nor have Bareback sex rt seen Bob with his shirt off. Mike Rowe, on the other hand, I have, and.

Or could have, if I wasn't at work. To me, 'reasonably fit' means someone who's clearly in decent physical condition, but has got a few extra pounds, a bit of a spare tire maybe, stuff like.

Or, conversely, is a little overthin, not well-muscled, but not extremely so even though recent research average looking 40 year old man it's healthier to be fit women seeking women in Fitch Kentucky KY somewhat fat than sedentary and skinny.

Or, in fewer words, 'reasonably fit' is not a measure that slides according to what most people look like, it's a measure that slides according to average looking 40 year old man yea body type.

Normal depends on the person's natural build. Some people, fit, look like runners. Others look like football players.

Movie stars, even ones from the days before personal trainers, are rarely 'normal' fit. For instance, Clint Eastwood in those pictures looks like an exceptionally fit 46 year old - I'd expect someone that muscular and lean at 46 to either be a trainer or an athlete.

He looks like me, except for my being Flex your brain! This thread is closed to new comments. Tags year-old.