The STEM Crisis

There are currently 26 million STEM jobs in the U.S.

That is about 20% of the current job market.

From 2010-2020 STEM jobs in the U.S. are projected to increase by 9.2 million, but as it currently stands only 31% of bachelor’s degrees awarded in the U.S. are in science or engineering. On top of that, during the Great Recession STEM jobs accounted for only 5.3% of the unemployment rate compared to 10% for non-STEM jobs. So, why are 63% of teens not even considering a career in STEM?

The Southern Oregon STEM Partnership is looking to change that. Our mission is to open the eyes of the teens in our area, and show them that a career in STEM is not only a great option but also give them the skills needed to make it a viable option. By partnering with Southern Oregon STEM the community and businesses that have a vested interested in the future of STEM related careers are helping to create engaging and high quality education options for students that may one day be able to apply those skills back to, and contribute to the growth in Southern Oregon.

For more information check out this infographic based on information from the STEM Education Coalition:

STEM Facts that should SHOCK you