STEM Week in Oregon

STEM Oregon statewide network has declared May 1 – 8 as STEM Week in Oregon. The state STEM leaders are encouraging all local areas to highlight STEM work that we are doing during that week.  Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to participate: in-school educators, out-of-school educators, extended learning organizations, school districts, parents, industry, community.  This includes STEM, CTE, CRLE kinds of activities from the pre-school level to the college level.

STEM Activities in Southern Oregon:

Karen Green

Ashland High School

Ongoing Virtual Enterprise business simulation, focusing on investing this week

As part of our year-long business and economics simulation in Virtual Enterprise, we will be learning about investing and savings. We will participate in the Stock Market Game, and continue our use of applied math in the business and personal finance context.

Alesha Earnest

Kingsley Field, Klamath Falls


We plan to offer hands-on lessons on Newton’s 3 Laws, Bernoulli’s Principle, Rocketry, Navigation, Chemical vs. Physical Changes, CAD, Nanotechnology, The Periodic Table of Elements and more!

Laurie Ross

Lost River Jr/Sr High

Lost River STEM Week

This week will highlight STEAM based activities and career options for students 7-12. It will include lunchtime activities as well as a job fair.

Natalie Hurd

Hedrick Middle School

3D Printing Workshop

Students are working to design objects to be printed on 3D printers. Design objects have a large range from key chains to golf tees to a model of our mascot. Students will also be working with South’s newly acquired 3D scanner.

Engineering Workshop

Students are modeling innovative and modern furniture designs out of cardboard, creating interactive and informational poster presentations on engineering careers using Glogster, using Autodesk software for 3D CAD modeling.

Brandon Bretl

Rogue Community College STEM Coordinator20160425_152134

STEM Connections

This week, we executed an amazing and collaborative STEM Connections event, partnering with three high tech companies in the Rogue Valley to introduce the next generation of high tech problem solvers to the industry, it’s growth trends, and career options.  In addition to learning about the exciting opportunities to have an engaging and professional career right here in southern Oregon, students got their hands on some amazing equipment and participated in real life problem solvin20160425_152738g activities in the areas of engineering, chemistry, physics, electronics and coding.  Participating with company engineers and top level management in real brainstorming sessions about how to solve actual company challenges was the perfect culmination to their experience with our STEM Academy.  From exploring new alloys that mitigate tin “whiskers” in electronics manufacturing to solving coding challenges on the big screen, these STEM Academy students were given an inside look at their future and made plenty of connections to help them get there!20160425_152144

Summer Brandon

ScienceWorks Museum

JV InvenTeam

This after school club for middle school students focuses on invention and innovation. The spring session looks at electronics, especially wearable circuits and electronics. Participation is free but requires registration and attendance at all six weeks of the session is strongly encouraged.

CSI Overnight for Girl Scouts – Science Works Museum

This event, open only to Girl Scouts via registration, will be an evening of forensics exploration and mystery. Girls will study a crime scene, learn evidence collection and analysis skills, and solve the mysterious disappearance of Chaz the Chinchilla

Jeff Sturgeon

Mazama High School

Mothers Day Engineering

Students will use computer design programs to create a gift for their Mothers. Students will then manufacture their design using the laser cutter at Mazama High School.